Success Story

Custom AI Audiences Speed Up Success for Telecom Brand


A regional telecommunications company turned to Dstillery’s Custom AI audiences to prospect new customers for its high-speed internet plans.

Dstillery Strategy & Solution

The Client Success and Data Science teams worked together to strengthen the client’s Custom AI Audiences with our patented homing technology. The resulting prospecting segments consist of users who live in zip codes where service is available. Rather than limiting our strategy by geotargeting, we were able to target qualified users at any time or place. This tactic, combined with our Behavioral Audiences and KOA Retargeting, lead performance to improve by 39% WoW.

Campaign Results & Impact

Dstillery’s cost-per-sale performance was significantly stronger than those of comparable partners, making us the top performer on the plan. On average, our CPS was 37% more efficient than the next leading partner.

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