Success Story

Custom Audiences Hike Up Results for Outdoor Retailer

outdoor retailer

In Q4’20, an outdoor retailer partnered with Dstillery to increase consideration for its winter products. The benchmark for success was a $2.00 cost per site visit.


ID-free™ is designed using the same machine learning-based predictive modeling as ID-based Custom AI, reaching users without enabling third-party cookies or any identifiers. Modeled from a brand’s own data, Dstillery’s ID-free Custom AI uses privacy-friendly signals to discover and predict the best audiences across the programmatic web.

Dstillery was able to leverage the brand’s CRM data, comprised of high-value customers, to use as a seed set for Custom AI Audiences. These audiences were targeted across viewable video inventory. Dstillery split tactics among three main lanes: video, ID-free display, and Custom AI display.


The combination of Custom AI Audiences and sequential messaging drove in-market consumers to the brand’s website at a $0.16 CPSV, well below the original goal.

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