Success Story

Dstillery Drives an Incremental Audience for a High-End Fitness Equipment Brand


A high-end fitness equipment brand has been working with Dstillery to drive new product sales.


Prove that programmatic prospecting was truly driving an incremental audience that would not otherwise have converted.  Garner deeper insights into this audience.


By pixeling a few key pages on the client’s site, Dstillery was able to learn which digital actions preceded sales conversion. Using those scored behaviors, Dstillery identified and built an in-market audience. The bulk of this audience saw the brand ad, while a percentage of this audience was held out and exposed only to a PSA (public service announcement) to measure the true incrementality of ad exposure. In order to measure lift, we evaluated the conversion rates from each campaign.


Over the course of one month, 80% of the identified audience was exposed to the fitness brand’s advertisement and 20% were exposed to a PSA.  By comparing conversion rates, we found the audience exposed to the actual brand ad showed a 50% lift in conversions vs the audience that only saw the PSA control ad. 



Audience Insights

In addition to proving incrementality, this campaign also allowed Dstillery to gain actionable insight into the consumer’s lifestyle, location and channel propensity. The fitness brand’s converting audience over-indexed in consumption of content around travel, lifestyle editorial/magazine brands and home decorating. These insights were used to refine the targeting approach and better reach new customers by shedding light on their path to conversion.


Fitness Equipment Audience Path to Conversion