Success Story

Dstillery Targeting Solutions Outperform Client Benchmark by 50%

In Q3 of 2023, a state college partnered with Dstillery to target users without identifiers and set benchmarks for cookieless targeting solutions and increase actions taken on their application site.


The client leveraged Dstillery’s Custom AI and custom ID-free® targeting solutions across display and video platforms to help encourage users who were the most likely to complete applications on their site. Additionally, Dstillery built an ID-free audience targeting Prospective Students, Undergraduates, and Online Graduate Students. Dstillery built a Custom AI audience and a Custom Search Lookalike Audience targeting the same demographics. The client utilized three Dstillery tactics to maximize their campaign results.


Dstillery ID-free targeting solutions outperformed the client’s benchmark by 50%, driving twice as many results as the client benchmark. Dstillery Custom AI and Custom Search Lookalikes each delivered a 25% increase compared to the client benchmark. 

The client reported: “When comparing among other partners, we’re seeing Dstillery as a top performer on this campaign.”

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