Success Story

No Cookies? Stop & Shop Has No Problem

online grocery shopping

In Q3 and Q4 of 2021, a grocery retailer, Stop & Shop, and AMP Agency partnered with Dstillery to test our cookieless targeting solution, ID-free Custom AI™. The purpose of this test was to get all parties comfortable with our new-to-market tactic and develop new standards for benchmarks in a cookieless world. For this initial campaign, AMP Agency’s programmatic team launched ID-free across a digital display campaign in their programmatic DSP. The goal of this campaign was to drive efficient visits to Stop & Shop’s website as well as cart checkouts.

Dstillery Strategy & Solution

Dstillery leveraged its ID-free Custom AI solution built from Stop & Shop’s first-party data to find new prospects who are statistically most likely to visit the Stop & Shop’s website but have not done so yet. Our cookieless tactic was implemented across display formats in the client’s DSP.

Campaign Results & Impact

Dstillery’s ID-free Custom AI solution outperformed 3rd party behavioral targeting by 72% throughout the six-month mid-funnel campaign. Additionally, ID-free outperformed contextual targeting solutions by 12%. Campaign performance was so strong that Stop & Shop increased the budget after the first quarter of the campaign and plans to continue ID-free activations.

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