We are proud to announce our 16th patent awarded for visionary techniques that will help guide marketers into a post-cookie future, officially titled “Artificial Intelligence and/or Machine Learning Models Trained to Predict User Actions Based on an Embedding of Network Locations.”

Our newest patent describes an approach for advertisers to deliver targeted advertising in a privacy-friendly manner, to users without any identifiers or cookies.

The patent grant is especially timely in light of Dstillery’s development of its ID-free solutions, designed to help agencies and brands target digital advertising effectively without the use of third-party cookies or any type of user IDs.

Google’s latest announcement that it will delay the deprecation of third-party cookies on Chrome extends the timeline for advertisers to solidify their plans for post-cookie targeting. During this exploration and testing period, it is essential for marketers to put in place solutions that address inventory where user IDs are available, using new post-cookie identifiers, and to reach inventory with no available identifiers. Dstillery’s ID-free solutions will prepare advertisers for any future digital advertising landscape.

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