Custom AI Audiences

Designed for advertisers looking to reach their best prospective customers at scale.

Extend your reach

Custom AI is a just-for-your-brand lookalike targeting product that identifies, refreshes, and scales your audience every 24 hours to reach your best prospects. Unlike off-the-shelf lookalikes, machine learning and your brand’s first-party data power Custom AI to deliver superior results.

Performance at scale

Custom AI is powered by patented machine-learning technology that processes 160 billion events daily. These attributes are projected against your first-party data to learn your customers’ nuanced behaviors, identifying the strongest behaviors to train the model. 

Instead of simply grouping like users together, Custom AI scores and ranks over 300 million users individually to identify the best prospects, leading to performance at scale.

The Dstillery Difference

  1. Refreshed Daily: Our industry-leading rescoring timeframe ensures the most relevant and fresh prospects are delivered, helping you reach qualified consumers who are likely to engage with your brand.
  2. Dynamic Prospecting: As your customer’s behavior changes, your audience changes. We hand-pick your audience one-by-one, and re-pick them continuously in near real-time to ensure the highest performance possible.
  3. Full-funnel engagement: Your audiences can be tailored to funnel consumers through the awareness, consideration, and action stages.
  4. Built Just-For-Your-Brand: Every first-party data set is stored in a way to ensure that it can never be used to inform other models or for targeting by other audiences. 
  5. Scalable: Your brand’s Custom AI model reveals your exact target audience right now and at scale.

Success Stories

What Clients Are Saying

“Dstillery has been one of our most trusted partners since 2018. Their unique modeling expertise has been incredibly valuable as we deliver high-performing Custom AI audiences for clients.”

Alexandra Dean / Senior Director, Global Partnerships & Strategy at Tremor Video

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