Finding the Right Holiday Audiences Through Meaningful Insights with AUDIENCEX

Hosted by: AUDIENCEX
October 13, 2022 2:00 PM ET

As we move into a particularly challenging holiday season, we know that it can be more difficult and costly than ever to reach the right audiences.

With companies of all sizes and consumers alike facing increased economic pressure, changing data policies and regulations, and swiftly evolving public sentiment around user privacy and digital advertising, marketers face a complex and interwoven set of challenges. However, there are solutions available right now that can help marketers respect user privacy, maximize their spend, and achieve improved performance today, all while remaining adaptable to any shifts in the landscape that the future may bring.

Dstillery’s Gilad Barash, VP of Analytics, joined Max Yang, AUDIENCEX’s VP of Ad Operations, for a discussion on how marketers can analyze and leverage data that can help them identify, effectively address, and confidently expand their audiences to retain and acquire new customers this holiday season. 

During the event, they examined this year’s holiday landscape, detailed our partnership, strategic approach, and new ID-free solutions, as well as explored how this season is the perfect time to test new solutions.

Watch the recording:
Presented by:
Max Yang
VP of Ad Operations AUDIENCEX
Gilad Barash
VP of Analytics Dstillery