MediaPost – Search & Performance Insider Summit

Hosted by: MediaPost
December 07, 2023 12:15 PM ET

With the rise of consumers demanding a more niche and personalized experience, marketers need to find different and unique ways to engage them. This can be an overwhelming endeavor, but AI and automation can be a great and nimble way for brands to provide those offerings. AI has forever changed the marketing game and is here to stay. How can marketers learn which prompts are best for the results they are looking for? What is the right balance between humans and tech? These ideas will be explored at MediaPost’s Search & Performance Insider Summit on December 6-9 in Deer Valley, Utah.

Dstillery sponsored a coffee break presentation on Thursday, December 7th at 12:15pm ET, hosted by our Executive Director, Meredith Flynn.

Watch the recording or read our event recap.

Watch the recording:
Presented by:
Meredith Flynn
Executive Director Dstillery