Amid the backdrop of snow-capped mountains, with alpine air so clean you can taste it, 100 industry leaders are gathering for MediaPost’s Search & Performance Summit in Deer Valley, UT. On the agenda: how senior execs and their teams can embrace the sweeping changes 2024 is sure to bring – from accelerating impacts and opportunities in AI to performance marketing that’s privacy-friendly, at long last.

Wrapping up ’23

As Dstillery’s last co-sponsored programmatic media event of the year, there’s a clear optimism – and a dash of uncertainty – about what ’24 will bring. Along with our fellow “Summit Insiders,” we’ll explore how macro and micro influences change the game and open up new paths for growth.

Whether it’s the healthy outdoor, refreshing setting or the approachable, low-key vibe, session topics for this event have a decidedly different and uplifting tone. 2024 will surely be transformational for AdTech. Yet that shift is being met with optimism and an inspiring zeal for growth. While Google’s deprecation of cookies tees up challenges for audience targeting, the senior marketing, agency leaders, and tech leaders are here to embrace consumer privacy and to learn from one another. Media agencies and brand marketers are embedding cookieless testing into their plans, and committing campaign budgets to AI-modeled search with a greater focus on performance marketing.

Looking forward to ’24

My teammate, Executive Director Meredith Flynn, will share how Dstillery’s ID-free® technology is helping brands and agencies reach their best prospects and customers. We couldn’t be prouder of how our patented, trademarked ID-free solutions, already in market since 2021, are offering the only truly privacy-friendly ad targeting — using no personal identifiers. What’s more, our Custom Search Lookalikes help marketing leaders blend their own first-party data to create unique search audiences just-for-their-brands, powered by ID-free.

Perhaps one of the most distinctly positive aspects of MediaPost events is that our Dstillery team has the chance to meet virtually everyone participating. The relaxed, informal atmosphere offers rare opportunities to develop authentic, new working relationships.

Whether your holiday plans have you traveling to well-loved places, exploring new destinations, or simply relaxing and rejuvenating with family and friends, the Dstillery team wishes you the best. Here’s to reaching your most ambitious goals in 2024. May you find everything you’re searching for 🌟.