The Map of the Internet

Powering our ID-free™ technology

The Map of the Internet (MOTI) is Dstillery’s deep understanding of how people browse the web, helping us build high-performance models for your brand. MOTI uses a continuous influx of hundreds of millions of browsing journeys from an opt-in, de-identified panel to detect patterns and learn the behavioral signals underlying any web visit. When you combine MOTI with your brand’s first-party data, your custom model predicts the exact right moment to reach your audience.

Here’s How MOTI Works

Map of the Internet - Step 1


Start with MOTI (colors show similar user intent for websites)

Map of the Internet - Step 2


MOTI is ready for your brand’s first-party data

Map of the Internet - Step 3


Red signals positive brand intent, blue signals negative brand intent

Map of the Internet - Step 4


Your signals are expanded across the entire internet, ranking websites for your brand intent.

Want to see our Map of the Internet in action? Click below.