Captivate and Dstillery Partnership Brings Data-Driven Targeting to Digital-Out-of-Home


First-to-Market Audience Technology Drills Down Location Data and Browsing Behavior, Enhances Targeting and Measurement Capabilities

NEW YORK, May 15, 2018 — Captivate, North America’s leading location-based digital video network, has formed a strategic partnership with Dstillery, an industry-leader in predictive marketing intelligence, to deepen Captivate’s audience targeting and measurement capabilities. This first-to-market opportunity within the digital out-of-home industry leverages mobile location data, website browsing behavior and all forms of first-party data, including CRM, to identify what audiences are present in Captivate buildings, as well as measure incremental website traffic driven by exposure to Captivate campaigns.

Captivate and Dstillery’s partnership represents the first-time data used to target digital campaigns can now be applied to digital out-of-home campaigns, as well as the measurement of incremental website traffic from out-of-home activations.

“Location data is now table stakes in the digital-out-of-home world but our partnership with Dstillery takes this capability to a new, deeper level,” said Neil Shapiro, Vice President of Digital Sales at Captivate. “By utilizing this scale of targeting, we can now find hard-to-reach audiences that can’t be identified based on location data alone.”

“Additionally, by working with Dstillery to measure website visitation driven by Captivate campaigns, we can now offer another important form of attribution for our partners.  We’re excited about using data-driven targeting to identify hard-to-reach B2B consumers, amplify B2C objectives and provide measurable results for our clients,” said Shapiro.

As the workday gets longer, professionals are improving their work-life balance by completing personal and professional tasks at the office and across multiple devices. This alliance provides Captivate’s advertising partners with the ability to target campaigns based on the activity that’s being conducted at work and within the Captivate Class A buildings that have the highest concentration of an ideal audience.

“Marketers have seemingly unlimited media choices for reaching consumers today, making it incredibly important that they target their messages as precisely as possible,” said Evan Hills, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Dstillery. “Out-of-home is a powerful traditional channel made all the more impactful in the digital age, thanks to the availability of targeting signals. We’re thrilled to work with one of the leaders in digital-out-of-home to make our data available for both targeting and measurement.”

For Captivate’s brand and agency partners, this partnership also presents an opportunity to learn and grow from campaigns.

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About Captivate

Known for its vast network of 12,000 elevator displays located in 1,600 premier office buildings across North America, Captivate Network connects advertisers with 11 million unique monthly viewers through creative, research-driven and Nielsen-measured advertising and marketing programs. By engaging its viewers with timely news and actionable information that helps balance the personal and professional demands of the workday, Captivate provides advertisers with a highly desirable and difficult-to-reach audience of affluent and influential business professionals. Founded in 1997, Captivate is owned by Generation Partners and Gannett.

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Dstillery is the leading predictive marketing intelligence company, helping Fortune 500 companies and brands drive revenue growth by providing an omniscient, actionable view of consumer behavior.

Led by the industry’s most awarded team of data scientists and engineers since 2008, Dstillery has earned distinction for brand safety, machine learning innovation and high performance media activation. It is the only company that delivers fresh, behaviorally derived consumer insights to directly impact the full spectrum of marketing research and media business objectives. That’s why marquee brands in industries such as Retail, CPG, Finance, Luxury, B2B, Telco, Travel, and Tech use our full suite of insights, data and activation solutions to create more meaningful consumer touch points across multiple channels.

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