Movie, TV Testing Company Screen Engine/ASI Deepens Marketing Efforts Around Word-Of-Mouth Influencers

Looking to deepen TV and movie marketing efforts, movie and TV testing analytics company Screen Engine/ASI is partnering with Dstillery, an audience solutions and consumer data company, to better target word-of-mouth audiences for entertainment marketers.

Dstillery’s AI-based anonymous consumer database is matched to Screen Engine’s TicktBox Gofobo word-of-mouth influencers database — which is derived from nationwide screening of new movies and TV shows.

The deal aims to go beyond the traditional current practice of targeting based on ticket purchase, location-based data or prior viewing behaviors.

Bruce Friend, chief product and innovation officer at Screen Engine/ASI, stated:

“We know seeding audiences are critical for feature film and TV marketing… This will enable us to activate audiences that are most likely to motivate friends, family and acquaintances to action through person-to-person conversation and social media amplification.”

In speaking with Television News Daily, Friend adds that the partnership offers “the surgical ability to target people that we know are going to have a high propensity of spreading word of mouth — assuming they like the creative they see.”

New film and TV audience targets can be used for digital and OTT ad campaigns targeting entertainment, media and technology consumers.

Marketers can use the existing audience segments based on historical data from the TicktBox database or create their own. The audience targets made are available through Dstillery and programmatic ad platforms.