A brief inquiry into the newest way to activate Dstillery audiences.

1. What is a Deal ID?

A Deal ID is a packaging of ad-supported inventory that allows buyers access to unique or specialized inventory.  This can take many forms such as private deals, programmatic guarantees, or open deals. Publishers or supply side players can identify relevant opportunities and apply a unique deal ID on top of the impression opportunity. Buyers then implement these IDs within the targeting items in the DSP and will only buy against impressions that have the Deal ID present on the bid request.

2. Is the bidding process different than the current ID-free process?

We use the same bidding algorithm process that we apply within the DSP but instead of decisioning on each bid request that gets received, it works higher up the chain at the supply side to make the same evaluations and will only apply a Deal ID to the most desired impressions.

3. Who does Dstillery leverage for Deal IDs?

Currently, we are leveraging the Microsoft Curate supply exchange to create our ID-free Deal IDs.

4. Can the Deal IDs only be used on Microsoft Curate?

While these are created using the Microsoft Curate supply exchange, the Deals can be activated on any leading DSP.

5. Is a Deal ID the same as a Private Marketplace (PMP)?

A PMP and a Deal ID are not exactly the same thing.  A PMP is a package of usually premium direct sold inventory set up privately for a buyer.  PMPs leverage Deal IDs as the mechanism for a DSP to identify and buy against a specific PMP on behalf of the PMP buyer.  Only the buyer who works with the PMP creator will have access to the Deal ID to input into their platform.

6. What formats/environments are supported?

Deals can be created for Display, Video, and Native. Each format would have its own set of deals.

7. Will this change how Dstillery customers interact with the ID-free audience?

Yes. With a direct API integration, the client sends Dstillery ad group/line item IDs.  We then take those IDs and place domain, time, dma targeting to the separate targeting sections on their behalf.  With Deal IDs, we will create the model and associated Deal IDs which we will then send to the client.  They will then target these Deal IDs themselves within the platform in the way that they are used to with other types of PMPs/Deal IDs.

Deal ID vs. API - Comparison Chart

8. What types of audiences can deals be created for?

Deals aren’t restricted so the same audiences can be built as with standard ID-free via API. Custom AI, Pre-built, Custom-built can all be turned into Deals.

9. How many Deal IDs are created per audience?

Custom AI will be 8 deals which can be targeted together or separately within the DSP and Prebuilt audiences will have 1.

10. How do I get started?

To learn more, please reach out to your Account Executive or email contact@dstillery.com.