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How can traditional media remain relevant in times of digital ubiquity?

We love it when our clients ask tough questions.

We’re problem solvers and our digital intelligence comes
to the rescue for many of our curious clients.

Put us to the test and bring us your data-driven marketing challenges.

How to bring behavioral targeting to a bus stop or billboard?

Every billboard and bus stop in the U.S. can be smarter through our high-quality mobile location data.

So brands can target based on consumer interests and affinities with up to 10x precision compared to standard demographics.

And out of home media providers can sell their inventory in more differentiated ways making their inventory much more valuable.

How to infuse location and digital insights to direct mail delivery?

Magazine inserts, post cards, catalogues, flyers. We all get them in the mail but how often do they match your interests at that moment? Those days are now in the past. Our location intelligence enriches basic household data with more targeting layers to ensure you’re reaching customers with the right offers through direct mail.

How to change TV advertising from push to pull?

Dstillery brings digital intelligence to traditional TV so marketers can optimize TV campaigns on lifestyle and in-market signals.

We dramatically improve message resonance. Truly Smart TV!

Is my creative truly working?

A popular CPG brand worked with Dstillery to gauge what type of brand messaging helps sell more product. We devised a new test tracking message resonance all the way down to the cash register.


Let us co-create a custom test on your creative and connect data from message exposure to shopping cart. We’ll gladly show what part of your advertising is working best.

What topics are top of mind in my customers path to purchase?

A leading U.S. luxury car company came up with a perfect challenge for our car loving data scientists.


We discovered a distinct pattern across car related topics in the 4-week path to purchase. Now they can optimize messaging strategies weeks in advance and improving brand favorability ahead of the competition.

Let Dstillery Find Your Next Customers

We create data-driven marketing solutions that are brand-specific, cross-channel, and tuned to perform.  And we deliver those solutions via platform or API, at whatever service level makes sense for you.